Local Removals

Making local removals South Yorkshire easy for over 30 years

VG Removals was established in 1978 by two brothers Vito Lala and Geovanni Lala. We always promised the best local removals in South Yorkshire and we won't let you down.

The company began with the delivery of parcels, then progressed to domestic and home removals, as well as commercial removals. The quality of service received by customers earned our company an exceptionally good reputation and recommendations by our customers enabled the business to expand and grow.

As we became more successful a new member of staff, Arthur, was introduced to the company and a larger vehicle was purchased. Over time the company has grown to what it is today, with four vehicles and eight employees.

VG Removals is a friendly family run company that has the facilities to cater for any job; big or small. Local removals in South Yorkshire are all undertaken with care and professionalism that will give you complete piece of mind.